Z-SUITE 2.7 released!

Hello, everyone!


We're proud to present you the latest version of our software - Z-SUITE 2.7.0

This Z-SUITE update:

- Adds Zortrax Inkspire to the list of supported devices

- Adds Zortrax M300 Plus to the list of supported devices

- Improves overall printing quality for the following materials: Z-ABS: 0,29, Z-PCABS, Z-ASA Pro (Zortrax M200); Z-ASA Pro (Zortrax M300); Z-ABS: 0,29, Z-PCABS, Z-ASA Pro (Zortrax M200 Plus), and adds a Flex-based filament profile in the External materials settings menu for Zortrax M200 Plus and M300 Plus,

- Introduces the Preferences menu where you can:

change the language of the program,

choose the default printer,

change the location of Z-SUITE folder (only on Windows),

enable/disable exporting .zcode(x) reports to a .txt file,

enable/disable notifications visibility,

change the color of models and supports in the Model, Analysis, Support and Preview steps,

enable/disable the Antialiasing option,

enable/disable displaying .zcode(x) preview,

enable/disable operation history,

change the quality of .zcode(x) preview,

- Legacy support (Z-SUITE v1 support) is now set as default Automatic support

- Important fix for Mac users: Mac OSX is now a stable version; it is possible to work with multiple tabs and program windows

It’s available in our Support Center: https://support.zortrax.com/downloads/software/