Z-Suite 2.9.0 top layers with incorrect outer dimensions

We have filed a similar bug report some time ago directly with Mr. Marcin just for the M200+ but in recent Z-Suite this bug shows also on M200 printers. Since that report the quality visibly improved.

The problem is that a few of the top layers (3-5) of every shape has larger dimensions than the layers underneath. I have attached a few photos that illustrate the issue.

This happens regardless of the material type or settings, layer height, etc.

Hi, @jacek.
Could you send me one of the files that has such issue? I will print it with Z-SUITE 2.9.0 and one of the previous versions.

Sure, there you go :slight_smile:

klocek.zcode (101.6 KB)
klocek.stl (684 Bytes)

Adding only the stl and zcode for m200 due to the forum file limits.

Thank you :slight_smile:
I’ll check if the issue is repeatable on our side.

Just checked that it still occurs in 2.10.1 on M200+

Body2.stl (550.2 KB)

@jacek, I’ve sent you a PM, please check your inbox :slight_smile: