Z-Suite 2


Is Z-Suite 2 another version than Z-Suite 2.3 Beta ?

If we load this version, we keep the personal printing profills ?

The new page of the Z-Suite software is a little bit confusing since Z-Suite 2 is just the same version as Z-Suite 2.3 beta. Let's hope that Zortrax will release the final version as soon as possible.

Axel - "Z-SUITE 2" is the name of the software program and in the downloads section of our website it refers to the latest version available of Z-SUITE 2 (in this case it's Z-SUITE 2.3) 

I think there’s no point of highlithing the exact version as we always advise to use the most recent update.

The personal printing profiles work well. If you have any problem with them, just let me know.

Soon we will end the phase of beta testing. 


I just installed the Mac ver. Of the beta. It will not let me save the print file (zcode) . It goes through the motions but does not save the file to the computer.

I have went back to the per.ver.

Hi there!

Do you use OS Sierra 10.12.1 and Safari 11.2?

For me it’s very slow z-code generation!!!!

Mac 10.13.3

Sierra 10.12.6 and safari 11.0.3