Dear users,

Z-SUITE 3.4.0 BETA has just been released. Full changelog below:

  • Added new profiles for Nanovia PA-6, Nanovia PC-ABS Rail and Z-PLA for Zortrax Endureal,

Bug fixes & Improvements

  • Improved printing quality of BASF Ultracur3D EL 60 for Zortrax Inkspire 2,
  • Improved the way of generating the top layer infill,
  • Improved the way of generating bridges. From now on, there will be more spots where bridges can be generated,
  • Fixed a bug where the Spiral Mode would not work in the Shell mode. The Spiral Mode is now disabled when using the Print Too Thin Walls and Cooling Tower options, as well as when generating supports.

You can download this version here.

Please, feel free to share your feedback.

Hello Karolina,
after several months using ZSUITE beta (3.4.0) I had to login manual. As I tried to send a File to the Printer it stocked at 50%. As I tried to upload the file in incloud it stocked at 50% and there was a red alert message : Internal Error. I can#t find any report of the error. Is it a problem with Windows?

Hello Dick,

when exactly did the error occur? If this happened within the weekend - could you check this once again, please? I am afraid we might have some problems with the server.

However, if the problem still occurs - please confirm if the firmware is up-to-date and if there is a problem with some specific file or several ones (please provide .zcodex2). Moreover, check if the stable version works fine.

Best regards

Yesterday the login problem was solved. My attempted solutions so far: Authenticate via Google Autheticator and enable push notifications. While ZSuite was searching Firefox 110 even though Firefox 1.21.00 was installed.
There is also a problem with my credit card and I must have made a mistake removing the card.
I cannot use the card again : This merchant account is inactiv.


I have sent you a PM - please check your account.

Best regards

Hello Karolina,
at the moment Zortrax attempted to charge my credit card in Januari, it had reached the maximum.
But a few days later the credit card could be charged again, it still can be charged towards today.

In Januari I thought I could lose the problem by removing the creditcard and add it again.
But adding it again was not possible.
And all the problems started.
For the month Januari I became a try-out Business-Voucher.

The problem with my account has not yet been resolved.
The were no debits for Februari on my creditcard.

I have opened a new account (Derk Jurjen Lion).
I unregistered the three M300Plus printers.
I was able register the M300Plus printers via incloud.zortrax.com.
However there does not appear any printer in Z-Suite 3.4.0 on my computer.

I have only one creditcard.

In the meantime I was able to work around the problem with the USB stick.

What means
This merchant account is inactive.

For me this means that you and your payment service have a problem.

Each of the three M300Plus printers had already printed more than 3,500 hours by early January 2024.

Two screenshots of the problem are attached.

Best regards,

Dick Lion

Hi @KarolinaZortrax
In the beta version, I don’t see an option to select the 0.6 nozzle (Zortrax and non-Zortrax materials).
Do you plan to add this?

(M300 Dual)


Having an issue where the new pattern buttons do not show up properly and when I change the infill percentage, it seems to not reflect in the new preview.

Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 3.12.42 PM

when sending the print I receive a warning that the loaded material is incorrect, but I have correctly loaded an external material into the printer and in z-suite the material is set to external