Z suite 3 option

It will be nice to have a temperature for raft and one for print.
I give you a problem I have with ASA 275 from spectrum.
The best printing result is with a temperature of 220° but when the raft is printing the extruder is clicking because it push hard for large line of raft… then I have to put 235° and then the print is less nice …

A temperature option for the raft will be nice


Thank you for your suggestion.

From your description it may happen when the nozzle is to close to the platform and the material cannot extrude properly.

You can try changing the platform offset for -0.05 or -0.10 to see if it helps.

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It s not a problem of plateform position… Just need more temp to extrude huge line with a decent speed

Sure, just wanted to see If I can help :slight_smile:

Thank you again for your valuable suggestion, I will relay this to our R&D team and we will certainly take this into considaration!

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