Z-suite and OpenSCAD

I see that the list of 3D design software said to be compatible with Z-Suite does not include OpenSCAD, which is the program I tentatively intend to use for my small mechanical gadgets.  What are the practical implications of this apparent lack of compatibility?  Thanks for any info!

Z-Suite just imports an STL file, it doesn't care who generated it. If OpenSCAD can export an STL file then it should work. (If it can't then it isn't a real 3D program  :D ). Now for sure some 3D CAd programs export crappy STL files, full of holes and overlaps and such. Those can cause problems in Z-Suite no matter what the source.


All the stl files I exported from openscad and printed on my Zortrax worked very well, so I think you should not worry about that.

Maybe it is not in the list because of the way it works, I mean it looks more like a source code compiler than a modern cad software (a bit like comparing TeX and Microsoft Word)