Z-SUITE BETA 2.19.1 release


Dear users,

We have just released a new Z-SUITE BETA 2.19.1 which fixes the problem with loading previously saved profile presets (Windows).

You can download it here.


However, it is still not possible (since 2.19.0) to connect to the camera of the M300 Dual.

However, the camera works when I open the stream via VLC.

So it must definitely be a software problem.


This version also loses “on-plate” X & Y position data when opening files…


Hi @OliverK,

Please try to open .zprojx files either via File -> Open project or Open recent files. This will not affect the position of models already arranged on the platform. Because when you open the project via Add models/files - the position of currently arranged models is lost and the software auto-arranges models on the platform then.

Best regards,


Hi @KarolinaZortrax,

Thank you, yes, that option works. This is inconsistent with how files open generally though.



How do you open video stream with VLC?
What is the address and the protocol?
I also could not open camera window in Z-SUITE (2.19.1).


OK, I found the address of video stream. It is rtsp://