Z-SUITE BETA 2.19.1. Please, share your feedback here.

Cannot connect printer to Z-suite despite latest update for both (Firmware 2.5.5 and ZSuite2.19.1)

The printer has an IP, which is well registered on the servers because we see the printer but Z-suite does not manage to detect the machine, in automatic or by manually entering the IP.


Camera preview on M300 Dual doesn’t work.

M200+ does not recognise print files has been built for Nylon, so states that the material loaded does not match the print file.

I have print a model with the Beta 2.19.1 and my model is on the half moving.
If I printed on the normal then it is printed good.

I have marked with a red arrow. I must be one face.
It is printed on a M300 dual with single material.

My camera is also not working in the Beta software

Same for Ultra … anyone interested in fixing this bug as we don’ tknow what temperature it is using.to print with


is 2.5.8 firmware installed? I checked that, and the printer does recognize .zcodex files prepared for Nylon/Ultrat. Can you provide any files showing the issue?

For “External LCD Printers” the decimal pints are “lost” between restarts of Z-suite

132.1mm will be 1321mm after the restart (not usable!)