Z-SUITE BETA 2.25.0. Please, share your feedback here.

Hi, I get an error when trying to slice the attached zprojx file using Z-Suite (2.25Ring.zprojx (24.4 KB)
Ring.stl (100.9 KB)
.0.0)? it is a simple small ring, when I try to slice it vertically, it is sliced, but when I rotate it to be horizontal, I get an error


Hi @HarelBoaz,

please note that the model it too small to be printed in FDM technology - its wall thickness is 0.5 mm, whereas Z-SUITE generates two paths/0.4 mm each (as the minimum wall thickness is 0.8 mm).

In order to slice the model successfully - you need to set the lower layer thickness (0.09 mm) and choose editable support - you will be able to slice the model. Still, you need to set offset holes (-.0.1 mm) - otherwise, the model’s walls will be shattered:

Best regards