Z-SUITE BETA materiasl profile

I write this post to ask if it will be possible to improve a new thing in Z-SUITE BETA.
I don’t know if I’m the only one to have this problem or there are some more perople.
Sometimes I have to print materials that are not provided by Zortrax. For example: Just a few days ago, I had to print with an orange ASA filament (special ask from a customer), so, sady I had to buy it from another supplier. The issue is that Z-SUITE don’t provide an external material profile for ASA.
So I will ask: Is there the possibility to add something like this: “ZORTRAX MATERIALS”, “EXTERNAL MATERIALS” and “CUSTOM MATERIALS”.
CUSTOM MATERIALS will give the possibility to customize a profile for special filaments that are not provided by the existing profiles.

Let me know if this will be possible.
The best regards.