Z-Suite BETA V0.0.7 for Windows is ready to download

New Z-Suite features

  • Added layer thickness 0.29mm and 0.39mm for Z-ABS
  • Increasing dimensional accuracy in Z axis for printers with Hardware v02 (you can check the hardware version using main menu on the LCD printer: Information -> Hardware version)
  • Improved algorithm for generating the support structures
  • Added the ability to upload color files for *.obj file format
  • Added margin for the collision objects on the platform
  • Other minor changes and fixes, which will help you to enjoy 3D printing with Zortrax
How to update
  • Just open your Z-Suite. Download should start automatically. You can download new version manually too, simply go to http://zortrax.com/downloads.
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We just released a patch to Z-Suite 0.0.7, which fixes a bug with display serial number window. The new version is now, please run your Z-Suite and download should start automatically.