Z-SUITE Beta V2.17.0.0 hangs on particular *.STL file

I can’t compile in *.zcode a particular *.stl file coming from thingiverse: Montini Assyrian Winged Bull Wall Set (Lego Compatible) by leftspin - Thingiverse File n° 41_pergamonlargesphinx.stl
Z-SUITE blocks at 56%
This project has about fifty files, so far 30 *.stl have been compiled and printed without major problems on my ZORTRAX M200
But only one for the moment: the 41_pergamonlargesphinx.stl is resisting,
I tried to compile it with CURA for another of my printers (a VELLEMAN K8400) without difficulty, but I can’t use it because I don’t have the right filament color, and I reserve this printer ( K8400) for PLA, the other (M200) for ABS
I couldn’t find any freeware to try and fix this <41_pergamonlargesphinx.stl>, could you recommend one?
Could some kind soul attempt to fix this <41_pergamonlargesphinx.stl> for me
Could some good soul try to compile this <41_pergamonlargesphinx.stl> and tell me if the problem is with my Z-SUITE software or if you encountered the same problem.
Thanks in advance,

Hi Henry,

please try to load the model for the M200 Plus - once it has been successfully repaired, change the printer model to the M200 and slice the file. This should do the trick.

Best regards,

Many thanks for your advice, it seems to work,
in any case the file is sliced (not yet printed, but it will work)