Z-suite black out


I’m create a build, but when i’m want print or export z-suite close.

have you a log file for diagnose this problem ?

sorry for my English.

Zortrax m300 dual

if’ i’m disconect my zortrax it’s ok.
firmware is 2.1.1, i’m update when job it’s finish

Hi @joel!

Do you mean that everything works well in Z-SUITE when the printer is turned off or disconnected from the network?

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yes, i’m regard with my IT partner.

hello, do you have a procedure for reset zortrax dual ?
but cable is connected …

before bug, my ip adresse is fix
now it’s not possible to change


Do you remember with which firmware version the Ethernet connection worked fine? If not, can you please check some previous one (for example 2.1.0)?

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i’m waiting my it partner it’s possible ACL problem.

hello, it’s ok with new firmware and ACL.