Z- Suite crashes after startup on Mac 10.10.4

New to the Z- Suite software, when i launch it for the first time, the serial number prompt pops up, but i get the spinning wheel of death until the program closes out. Any ideas? 


Did you installed the Mono framework?

Sometimes if you go into the mono sgen program file and start it, it will work. Or even in the package content for Zsuite and start it through terminal.

Almost like it needs a kick start. 

I had it happen a few times before but not lately with the new software.

Plus can't have any other 3D program running...again the new software I can actually run two 3d programs at once with Zsuite.

Start the mono files manually

I got it to work, after about 5 times restarting my computer, it finally opened up and allowed me to enter my cd key.

Appreciate the help though!