Z-Suite export STL


Is it possible to export an STL file instead of a file for printing?



Currently I think it is not possible to export a file in STL with Z-Suite. :grinning:

Why do you want to do that? Maybe you can use a software like Blender 3D to export in the format you want. :hugs:


Because it does not support Anycubic Photon S


Hey there!

Z-SUITE cannot export .stl file after slicing at the moment.
I don’t have information whether it will be implemented, but our specialists received such suggestion.


Hello !
If not after slicing at least the model with supports?
Or maybe add support for Photon S?


Hello, we will pass this suggestion further as well.


Problem comes from Anycubic.
They choose to remove all the existing file types from their new mainboard and changed to another format.
But they are going back on that apparently and Z-Suite export of .photon will / works again.