Z-Suite gets stuck at 29%

Hey guys,

My Z-Suite (latest version) keeps getting stuck for prints at 29% when I'm preparing the models for printing. It's really driving me crazy. It'll do it for larger models but it literally doesn't move after the 29% mark. This is an example of one of the models that it only prepares to the 29% mark:


On other larger models it will take literally an hour to put the supports in place.

My computer is running well and all other applications are fast.

Any thoughts much appreciated.

I finally got the whole model through Z-Suite but it literally took 3 hours. It seems a bit silly.

Your right Z-suite does take a really long time to slice, my UP software finished in 1 minute.

Considering the complex nature of the part, the Z code would be very involved, lots of small jumps, then the software needs to render the whole thing with supports.

Thanks Drew. Do you have any advice of possibly adding the supports on another program like MeshMixer and then simply import them into Zortrax?

I mean some of my models literally take 3 hours to slice! It's especially frustrating when one wants to play with the support angel, how solid the print is etc.

Zortrax really needs to speed up the software. There's a big difference between Z-Suite taking a long-time and taking forever to render a model.

I noticed the same, except mines "pauses" at 30%.

It goes thru eventually but a bit weird how it gets to 30% quick, stays at 30% for more than half the time, and then moves on to finish the remaining quickly.

Good software but can Zortrax give more feedback at 30% (move to 31... 32... 33... etc) as the process keeps working - instead of just staying at 30% the whole time?