Z-Suite M300 Layer thickness

hello all, 

i cant select 0.09 layer thickness print on a M300 project ! is it normal? 

thx by advance



Normal is a relative term, but even on the m200, the (so called) 90µm resolution isn't available for all materials. So for Z-HIPS , Z-Glass, Z-PETG and Z-PCABS, the minimum resolution is (so called) 140µm on the m200 as well.

So the actual problem is not the lack of resolution selection but the lack of material selection for the m300. Since Z-Suite doesn't allow to select either Z-ABS nor Z-ULTRAT for m300 and these are the only materials that you can select the 90µm resolution for on the m200, there is no material with this resolution available for the m300.

ok!! thanks for your response (very clear!!!!)  :)