Z-Suite making holes or omitting pieces of model after slicing.

Ive found that Z-Suite has a habit of making holes or other blemishes on the sliced model of certain items.

Here are two examples. On the left are the before and the right are the results after slicing with z-suite.

Ive already run the repair tool in netfabb with no effect within z-suite. Any suggestions or known issues?

Also just in case it helps knowing, my mac is running OS X Sierra and Im utilizing the latest version of Z-Suite that came out today (v1.8.0)

What is the wall thickness?

Needs to be above 0.5mm or it wont print. 

What is the wall thickness?

Needs to be above 0.5mm or it wont print. 

not sure.. but Ill try and see if I can figure out how to thicken the walls in meshmixer as Ive read a couple threads here suggesting using a make solid tool.. 

is that the right thing to try or would you suggest something specific?

Im a little lost. The make solid tool seemed to fix the tears after playing with the settings but it seems to thicken up the whole piece, thus somewhat dulling out the details. Any way to just increase the wall size only on the underside of the model?

Poor design is a HUGE problem in the 3d printing world!!

I spoke to the modeler and he confirmed that using the pinch tool In zbrush to sculpt out some of the details thinned out that area too much. He has since rectifyed the issue.

Maybe z-suite thin wall warning or highlighting might be nice.