Z suite not opening in Yosemite

I just downloaded Z-suite and I am unable to open the application on my mac. I am running Yosemite.  When I double click on Z-suite, the application opens and closes almost instantly.  I've reinstalled and restarted several times with no luck.  I noticed a few people are running into some issues with Z-suite and Yosemite, has anyone else run into this issue, and if they have please advise.  

Thanks for the help 

I use ZSuite on Yosemite without any problems, did you installed the latest version Mono Framework?

Under Mavericks Z-Suite also has problems. With updated Mono to the newest version, app launching but doesn't refresh (or create) a window content. It display only Z-Suite logo and menu. Everything below is not displayed including dialog box with hardware check - it is also invisible. Solution is simple - resize the app window :-) I have to resize it down manually and it start working then.

I use Z suite on Yosemite, and  it works well :)

Thank you for your solution Get3D, you saved me!