Z-Suite on Linux / FreeBSD / Open-Source


Hello World! :slight_smile:

I have just switched to a new laptop where only Linux is installed. It stands right next to my main working laptop where only FreeBSD is installed… and it lays on top of powered off MacBookPro… that stands on a desk where FreeBSD based desktop is located… and soon powerful FreeBSD server will show up :slight_smile:

I have realized that I can ONLY use Z-Suite on Windoze and macOS what gives only 20% of my machines (one of them all to be exact)…

Z-Suite seems to use mono framework… which was created in order to port .net applications to GNU/BSD/Open-Source platforms.

Could you please also release Z-Suite for Linux and FreeBSD?

Linux seems more popular so that would be probably the first candidate to work on… and FreeBSD can emulate natively Linux ELF binaries so it should also work out of the box.

Please consider releasing Z-Suite for Open-Source platforms like Linux :slight_smile:


Hey there!

We do not have any plans to create Z-SUITE for Linux.
We focus on providing more new options for our 3D printers, and Windows and macOS are the most popular systems.

However, some Linux users run Windows in virtual machine to use Z-SUITE, so there are ways to launch our software in this OS :slight_smile:

Should you have any questions, feel free to ask.


Hello Marta!

Please reconsider Linux distribution! :slight_smile:

As an example I will give you CURA (backend) which is a command line application that can be used on a server to automate slicing tasks and cost estimation when attached to a web application… Current Z-Suite does not allow that.

Your current application uses technology that easily allows this kind of porting. I know that maintaining Linux can be painful, therefore you can also make FreeBSD port that would be a lot easier to maintain.

At the moment you only focus on direct end-user experience… while automated tasks are also important in the industry… you mention that your printers are high-scale-production ready… that would be also nice to have software that allows that… when attached to a back-end of an web-application created to process online orders…

Not to mention you are indirectly forcing users to use commercial closed-source operating system (Windows + macOS)… while some folks on purpose do not and will not use this kind of solutions… even of Virtual Machine using such commercial OS generates additional licensing costs…

Best regards :slight_smile:

ps/2: I can understand you don’t want to share the source code… but sharing the binaries is a different story as you would gain lots of popularity in a most technical group of your potential customers that is DIY and Open-Source community which at the moment you are simply crossing out…


I’ve passed your request to our specialists, but I cannot promise anything.

Best regards :slight_smile:


Thank you @Marta :slight_smile:

Update of my hardware setup:

  1. Server with 2xXeon5660 128GB RAM has just showed up. It runs FreeBSD. It builds whole kernel and base in 45min while my laptop does the same task in 9h.
  2. Laptop with Linux has transfrormed into laptop with FreeBSD 13.0-CURRENT as I have to write some drivers on my own and some stuff does not work yet on 12.0-RELEASE.
  3. I have 3 laptops with FreeBSD, 1 desktop with FreeBSD, 1 server with FreeBSD, 1 macOS BSD machine. No Windows at all. Nor Linux.

Goal: put most computing hungry tasks on the server that will run on demand then go sleep, orders done over network + webapp, including 3d print orders with rapid preview and cost estimation :sunglasses: