Z-Suite Open-Source

It would be really nice to have Z-Suite as Open-Source… or switch Z-Suite to use Open-Source slicer engine such as CURA / CuraEngine so:

  • you would get something that is already known and works fine with a decent quality and wide range of available options.
  • you can improve the code and share back the results making the Open-Source even better.
  • make it work on Open-Source platforms such as FreeBSD or Linux.
  • get lots of updates, ideas, and free workforce patches from the Open-Source community.

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From your other posts i assume you mean Z-Suite for Inkspire. Even if we wanted to, we can not do this for one simple reason: we can not use something that does not exist. Cura is slicer, but its not slicer for resin type printers. This technologies are 100% different, you cant use Cura for this technology.

@raximus UV LCD seems simpler than RepRap - you only have to produce slice pictures and head up/down + lamp timings rather than whole long set of head movements to reproduce the model line by line slice by slice - right?

There might be some kind of sensor if the material gets empty… but I guess Inkspire does not have precise material amount measuring because you need to enter that by hand…

By the way Open-Source is the perfect way to “Make Something That Is Not There Yet” and you don’t even have to start everything from scratch in most cases :slight_smile:

You are right, slicer for resin type printers have to produce thousands of pictures, but Cura does not have this option, so even if we wanted to, we could not use it.

Not at the moment… but the layers slicing is the standard procedure for EVERY 3D print technology… CuraEngine can already slice, hollow objects, create support, work from shell in textmode, etc, etc, if we had target data format specification, the exporter to ZCODE needs to be written aside of standard GOCDE, and voila it should work :wink:

Personally I have tried many different Open-Source slicers (around 2013…2015) and CURA was the best and most versatile among them… but there may be something newer and better at this point in time… however CURA / Ultimaker showed really great Team and Support for Open-Source :slight_smile: