Z-Suite profiles --> Temperature and speed

Hi there

Is there any information about the temperatures and printing speeds at the different profiles?

Are the speeds the same in all profiles (ABS,Ultrat,...)? Differs it only with the quality settings?


Speed differs between materials, layer heights, infills and quality. I wont share exact values though. 

Same for the temperature, you can search over the forum, someone measured it. 

Values used in 1.5.x:

UltraT Plus 150µm, 200µm

    260° / 60°


UltraT 200µm, 150µm, 100µm

    260° / 80°    


PETG 200µm, 150µm

    254° / 30°


PCABS 200µm, 150µm

    290° / 105°


HIPS 300µm, 200µm, 150µm

    255° / 80°

Glass 300µm, 200µm. 150µm

    254° / 30°


ABS 400µm

    277° / 80°


ABS 300µm, 200µm, 150µm, 100µm

    275° / 80°

Feedrate for contours is 1200mm/min for all materials/layer thicknesses. Infill is typically 2400mm/min.

There are other speeds used for other scenarios though between 600mm/min (raft base) up to 4000mm/min (fast infill).