Z-suite project name / file name

loading the wrong file to Z-suite actual version shows me a little problem which could be corrected. This is not for a specific version of Z-suite, I don’t want to test all prior versions.
So if you’re going to start Z-suite it comes up with “new project”. The name of the project changes to the name of the file you load or drag into the workplace. If you now recognize, oh, that’s the wrong object (model) you’re going to use and delete it, fetch the right one. The name of the project doesn’t change, it remains at the first name given. If you don’t pay attention to this you will save your work with the wrong name and possible overwrite prior files.
If you can change this behavior to reset the project name to “new project” on delete model that would be great.
Thanks in advance

Hi @uwe.hartmann,

Included to our ‘to do’ list.

Thanks for pointing it out.

Kind regards,