z-suite repairing file forever

when I add a moderately heavy file, 32mb, it takes life to repair it and it never really ends, it stays at 56%. I have a very powerful pc (i7 7700k, 32gb ram, gtx 2080) to what is it? Is there anything I can do to speed up this process?

Hi, @xerterkar.
You can send me the file, I will check it whether the process takes so long on our side as well.
I’ve sent you a PM.

I have a similar problem (repair stalling at 56 %), but with several files - and considerably smaller. They slice without any issues on Cura. I have tried it on multiple computers and get the same problems. I have tried both the newest version 2.9 and

I assume it is the same problem. I can you some of the files if this can help you.

Hi, @KA_re_Murmann_KjA_r.

You can send me the files via PM, I’ll check them.

I’m told I can’t send you a private message (“You cannot send a message to this user”).

I’ve just sent you a message. You should be able to reply :slight_smile:

This this ever get resolved, I have the same issue.

anyone know of a fix for this? its happening for me too

Hi @Ryan117,

I already replied to your ticket. I am looking forward to receiving information I asked for. Please remember that you can always open the file without repairing it (model -> import without repairing). However, the model might not be printed correctly then. Thus, it is worth running the wall thickness analysis in Z-SUITE.

Best regards,

Hi @KarolinaZortrax ,
I’ve been looking for your reply to the ticket and cant seem to find it. i tried importing without repairing, but then it wont generate supports. what was the information you were after?


Have you checked your SPAM folder? Just in case - I sent you the e-mail once again. I would like to have a look at your files.

Hi @KarolinaZortrax , I am having the same issue. When repairing the file it seems to hang on 56%.

What are some steps I can try to resolve this?
I would prefer to use import with repair as opposed to not.

Thank you

Hello @akron,

please send the file you are having problems with, as well as a screenshot of print parameters via support form so we can pass the case to our software specialists.

Best regards,