Z-suite Stacking models

Is it possible to stack models above one another?
You can place models above one another but when adding supports the models drop down to build plate level automatically.

Hello @DesiGnated,

in general, there is no such an option in Z-SUITE, but you can stack the models by modifying their position in the Z axis - I have just tried that and I was able to slice them (together with support - both automatic and editable one) correctly (Z-SUITE 2.31.0):

Could you provide the .stl and screenshots of the model you are having issues with?

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Hello @KarolinaZortrax,

You can download the printing project as well as the STL file via link below:

It does work with other files but for some reason not the file used in this particular project.

Hello @DesiGnated,

thank you for the file - we have checked your model. Please disable the “model lift” option - once you do so, you will be able to stack this model (basically - this setting overwrites every model’s height). But please note that when you disable this setting, the model will not be lifted, it will touch the build platform. Therefore, you will also need to modify this distance in the Z axis.

Hello @KarolinaZortrax ,

Got it!
Thank you for your support!

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@DesiGnated, you are welcome, thank you as well!