Z-suite top layer perimeter issue since v1.12.x and up...

There has been a slicer bug in Z-suite since v1.12 and newer version, including Z-suite v2.x

This issue has to do with the top 3 layers of any printed object. The order that the slicer creates the layer perimeters has changed and makes a worse print. The top three layers print the outside perimeter path last instead of before the infill paths. This issue is quite pronounced. I have created a diagram showing the slicer issue. Please see the enclosed diagram.
The actual print becomes bloated and does not match the layers below the top three. The top finish edge looks ballooned. The slicer really does give poor results as vertical alignment with the bottom layers is now lost.
The type of filament and all advanced settings in Z-suite make zero difference.
There was no problem before v1.12. Z-suite v1.11.4 did not have this issue.
Please fix this. I don't know why the order changed. The slicer used to be amazing! I do mechanical design and engineering and this issue creates a serious problem. I have to manually sand, drill and reshape every print I make since v1.11.4. 

Hi, teknoel.

Does every material give you such results? Is the problem present in every layer thickness?

Are you able to send me the .zcode files where the problem seems to appear?

Please contact me via PM, I would like to investigate the issue fully and I need some additional information.

This would be very easy to see if ZSuite allowed us to preview the build at not just a percentage or layer but at each step within a layer like other software on the market does. (Hint....hint)

Hi David,

If you click the % symbol at the top of the slider you can change it to pieces(layer) increments only in suite 2 though as far as I am aware.