Z-SUITE v 3.5 wont open previous projects


Everything is in the title, where can I download the previous version?

Thank you.

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Same here, just updated and no old projects are usable…
Is this a bug or do we have to go back to previous version?

@BE_DE3D_Inc probably you already know this but, if you use Win10/11, a way to go back is to use a “restore point” (all the updated software will go back to that point)

Yeah, I somehow missed that all the previous versions are listed under the latest version’s download link on the Zortrax download page.

Anyway, there should be a warning about significant changes before people install the new version. It’s like receiving an update for a game, but then it breaks all your saves and progress… would that be acceptable?

A more professional approach would be to retain the previous Z-SUITE version in the “background” and allow the new Z-SUITE version to open previous projects, but with a popup window informing the user that they are using an earlier version of the software.

Even better would be to include a button in that popup allowing the user to convert to the latest version. Even if that erase most of the option, at least you still have those parameters that are still compatible.

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