Z-suite v3.5 and M200/M300


That Z-suite v3.5 is not compatible with the M200 and M300 is not fair to your first customers.

Firstly, it is thanks to us, the first buyers who trusted you, that your business was able to grow.

Secondly, some features like “small gaps between outer and inner walls in models” are not new features but bug fixes that have always hampered us.

Finally, there are fundamental features like “Seam Control” and “Multiple Contours Feature” that we have been eagerly awaiting for years.

Out of respect for your first customers, please make Z-suite v3.5 accessible to M200 and M300 machines.

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I totally agree !!!
I asked outer wall number more than 6 years ago !!!

You completely abandon us who were the first to trust in your product !!!