Z-Support Plus?



I just purchased the bundled package of Inventure + material and got support material for it.

I want to know how to use Z-Support Plus, which doesn’t seem like it is an option in Z-Suite no matter what setting I choose. I have many cartridges of that support plus material as it is being sold in the outlet as being compatible with Inventure.




In order to use Z-SUPPORT Plus (cartridges) - you need to revert to previous software (2.11.1) and firmware (1.3.1) versions. You are able to choose this material then.

Or, you can take the support material out of the cartridge and load it from the spool - just choose the external/Z-SUPPORT Premium material in the menu and Z-SUITE. This should do the trick.

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But is it so difficult to include the old support materials (Z-Support Normal and Z-Support Plus) in the current versions of the software?


Hi @Luca_Perry,

I will pass your suggestion to the responsible department.

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