Z-SUPPORT Premium filament is too expensive!

Hello, I can’t believe that the Z-SUPPORT Premium filament for M300 Dual is so much expensive!!!

1 spool = € 188,99 (€ 23,62 / 100 g) (www.3djake.it/zortrax/z-support-premium-1)

I was initially interested in buying this new 3D printer, but now that I know the cost of this support material I have changed my mind, I cannot spend a so huge amount of money for it!

Hi, @giufini.

BVOH is quite an expensive support material, but it’s compatible with many printing filaments. What is more, it has fast dissolution rate and leaves no residues on the model. I recommend that you contact Italian Distributor for personalized offer. M300 Dual comes with new options that make 3D printing much more efficient.

Verbatim 55901 BVOH?

It’s pricey too, but cheaper than Z-Support. I’m using this brand w/o problems with our Prusa having the mmu2s attached. Feel free to download PrusaSlicer 2.0 and have a look on their params.Should run on Zortrax as well.

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On the Zortrax online store it cost 129 USD.

Zortrax Store is available only in a few regions of the world.
Moreover, very probably, at that price you need to add VAT and shipping costs.