Z-Support premium surface quality on raft


Hey there,

I’ve been loving the amazing surface quality printing with Z-Ultra on my Inventure. One thing I’m starting to notice is how good the final layer is, but how bad looking the bottom layer is. It appears that the Z-Premium support is maybe getting too hot, or has moisture, or some other issue that causing odd “blobs” to be formed on the raft layer. The texture of these “blobs” then show up in the parts first layer.

Any thoughts on how to prevent this?" I don’t recall seeing this using other print material like PETG so I was wondering if it was a temperature thing.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Hi. Does this happen with all models printed with Z-ULTRAT? Does this also happen straight after platform leveling and nozzle alignment? You may try to increase the fan speed in Z-SUITE. Also, can you send me .zcode and .stl file, please?


Hey Karolina,

Thanks in advance for your help. Yes, it seems to happen just with Z-Ultra and Z-Premium Support. I’ve been using it with Z-PETG without any issue. I attached the files for reference. And I did perform leveling and nozzle alignment after switching to a black build tray.

You can see from the images that it seems to print fine on part of the raft…then it starts to get strange.

X1.zcode (2.6 MB)

X1.STL (164.0 KB)


Hi, thank you for additional information and files. We will look into the matter.