Z-ULTRAT is great stuff

Marcin, I know you mostly get complaints and requests for help here (including from me), so I wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to Zortrax.

I've been printing some really huge models lately - that fill the 200x200 bed, and require 8 pieces of that size to be assembled together. (It's a custom tube rack for a water bath shaker.)

Z-ABS worked OK except the prints kept peeling at the corners due to shrinkage.

I switched to Z-ULTRAT and the prints come out perfect every time. Great stuff, and reasonably priced.

I really like the way Zortrax approaches this business - make a reliable combination of hardware, software, and materials that "just works", without tinkering. And the materials are even reasonably priced, so I'm not tempted to waste time trying "other" materials. (But I like having the option all the same).

Keep it up and you'll have a steady customer in me. :-)

(BTW, judicious use of a heat gun can un-warp ABS prints. If you're careful.)

Have a great weekend. 

Thanks Dave!

We're happy that you're satisfied with our products.

BTW, it's really easy to overcome the problem with warping. All you have to do is to apply a thin layer of so-called ABS juice onto the surface of the perforated plate. It enhances the adhesion significantly.


Yeah, Z-ULTRAT is awesome.  :D