Z-ULTRAT stuck to building tray


Hey there,

I was printing a part from spool using Z-ULTRAT (single material) and a black build tray. The part printed great, but I cannot for the life of me get the printed raft off the build plate.

Is there a chance that Z-ULTRAT requires a white build plate where Z-ULTRAT PLUS (in a cartridge) uses the black?

Oh and I had leveled the build plate prior to build. Confused.

Anyway if anyone else has any suggestions please let me know.



Hi Ryan,

Z-ULTRAT can be printed on both white and black trays. Have you tried increasing the platform raft gap and fan speed? Also, have you run any test prints (possibly with other materials)? Do you remember the calibration results?

Best regards,


Hey there Karolina,

It printed just fine on a white tray without issues. Now that we can print from spools would you mind sending out an updated tray build tray/ material list for Inventure? It’s one thing that still confuses me from time to time. Thanks!



Hi Ryan,

thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, we do not have any updated list - all Zortrax material should be printed on the standard build tray without issues. As for the black tray - it was recommended to use it with Z-ULTRAT Plus only due to the material’s higher extrusion temperature, but you can actually print all materials on the white tray.