Zabs fumes?


Can anyone tell me if there are any nasty fumes from Zabs. I am still looking for a printer and was favouring PLA because of all the reports of bad fumes from printing with ABS. Is Zabs any different?

Thank you, Dhatw.

It’s discussed in here


Thank you.


As long as I keep the nozzle clean, I don’t notice any fumes. I have the printer in my living room which is pretty big so that may help.

Mine is in a 10x10 square foot room. Wife has not yelled at me yet. We must be good…lol… Very little smell if any.

Mine is in a closed in environment, at first I did not want to have too much of a draft incase it messed up the print, I now ventilate more because it seems to make no difference to print quality. I am also a bit cautious about fumes.

even when it was closed in, it was very hard to notice any fumes at all, I am guessing the Z-ABS has low impurities compared to some of the cheaper ones and does not heat to a critical level.