zcode vs stl file view output issues

After I created the zcode from the Print function the view did not look anything like the original stl file view.  Not sure what happened during the print process but there is missing objects.  Anyone have any idea what happened during this process.  I have included two files the zcode after printing function and the stl file which is before the print function.  This happens quite often with my stl files after I go through the print process and the file is saved as a zcode.

The elements are probably too thin to be printed…that’s why zsuite doesn’t show them in the preview. Happens on walls too if they are too thin. Scale it up and then it will probably work…

Do I scale it up using Z-Suite or the program that it was designed in?

Doesn’t matter.

If you can provide the STL, we could take a closer look at it.

it is a very large file I think around 139 MB, is that too large to upload?

Too large for the forum…Put it in Dropbox or something like that.

Hmm, I don't think I have seen a STL that large before.. It may need some cleaning up.

When you say cleaning up what do you mean?  I am having someone else design the stl files as I am not very good with designing 3D files.

I have uploaded a stl file to review to see what the issue is with it and why I can't get it to print correctly in zcode.  Here is the link for the file:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/xwix2o4pvnawzl2/3%20in%20x%201%20in%20circular%20filter%2003%2006%202015.stl?dl=0

Thanks for all that have time to review the stl file.

Downloading it now..

Yep.. The diameter of cylinders are too small to print. gLeuSA.jpg

what are the recommendations to fix this so they can be printed?  What would the correct diameter size of cylinders be in order to print in zsuite?

I have a curious question regarding this and I have the same type of file (same shape used in the large file that was looked at).  We can print those all day long and no issues so just wondering the difference and how to get this fixed. I have uploaded the file that works with same shape used.

Where did you upload it? OK.. Just split the model and scaled it up 5x.  It appears the problem is with the model. Everywhere the shapes overlap, it sees 2 parts in the same space and skips printing it. It also looks as if all the small shapes are hollow with very thin wall. What software was the file created in? xq6hyJ.jpg

I thought I uploaded it but I will redo it and drop the link in.  The file was created with SolidWorks 2014.  The issue is that the original design is supposed to be a filter to be able to use and filter out particles in the industry.  So, I need all the shapes to be side by side and touching as it is supposed to be like a filter.

I uploaded the file to this forum and see that it did upload. 

This is a zipped file with the stl file inside that does work and I use the same shape to create the file that was in the dropbox.975


This is a zipped file with the stl file inside that does work and I use the same shape to create the file that was in the dropbox.attachicon.gifhardStructure4x4x4_fixed.zip

When I split this file in Zsuite it reads it as a solid, so it should print.. Something didn't get combined right in the other one.