ZHips hiccup

Had an issue with Zhips today. 

First I couldn't get the raft to stay. It kept lifting up so I kept restarting the print. Then I finally put extra glue on print bed. and its fine (will have to do a good cleaning)

Then I used regular support and not light which in retro I should've used light, but still the support fused to the object. And the piece snapped in half rather easy.


Thought maybe had gotten moisture into the Zhips but from what I read, moisture really doesn't affect the materials like once was thought.

Also thought maybe was getting too high temp for some reason.

So I went to print a different object and I couldn't get the heat bed to finish heating.  I went through four diff cycles with it and spent a bit waiting and watching. Read it may be the SD card so I switched them out and it heated up and is printing ZABS just fine. 

I will try my ZHIPS again later because I have a few parts I want in Hips.