Zortrax and the Bamboo Box

Well just finished the “Secret ZB project”, and here it is, my non secret Zortrax Bamboo Box. The box was made to reduce the noise since i don’t have an office or garage, and to keep the prints from warping. The temperatures are fine (in my opinion), 30 celcius at the buttom where the electronics are, and 40 celcius 18cm over the build platform. Did a print yesterday without the box that came of the raft as it warped, did the same print today with the box, and what do you know… no warping :wink: Hope you like it.

You can watch a video of the box and the making of it here:

Zortrax an the Bamboo Box

Here are some (a lot) pictures from the process:

Awesome work !

does it work, for the noise ?

[quote name=pilou74]Awesome work !

does it work, for the noise ?

Thanks and yes it does help with the noise, will be padding the inside with cork sheets later for further noise reduction. But now I can watch tv without the noise bothering me :wink:

Very sharp!!! I thought you cut it all out by hand… You cheated!!! LOL… Gotta love large CNC routers!! Looks Great!

[quote name=Lumax]Thanks and yes it does help with the noise, will be padding the inside with cork sheets later for further noise reduction. But now I can watch tv without the noise bothering me :wink:

Here in the US, Dynamat sells a sound deadening putty-like material in sheet form for use in trunks of cars to stop sheet metal vibration from those humongous woofers that some like to install. Would something like that work for your box?


Looks like the closest dealer to you is in the Netherlands. Nice job on the box, by the way.


Nice job! I like the Bamboo I wonder if I can get that in the US

Looks really nice but you should put a window in the front to monitor progress! :slight_smile:

Very pretty :slight_smile:

@Kyle - Yes it’s very nice to work at a place that have a big CNC router :wink: Plus I don’t have the handcrafting skills to cut such a box precise enough, I live and depend on CNC machines :smiley:

I also use the router (buy hours) for making my own product designs, as you can see here: SIMPLY DESIGNED – DANSK DESIGN TIL DIN BOLIG

@MichaelHenry - Thanks for the tip, didn’t know you could get such a material. Found that I can buy it in almost any auto car shop here in Denmark :wink: will see if the budget stretches for Dynamat, else it will be cork.

@gadgetstogo - You can definitely get it in the US, my bamboo sheets are from Teragren which are an US company. You probably just have to contact a larger wood supplier in your area.

@The6uest - No… no window, IP cam :wink: anyone know of a “small” ip cam?

[quote name=Lumax]anyone know of a “small” ip cam?

The problem with small IP cams (like DropCam) are that they don’t have pan/tilt/zoom, which I find is really nice to have when monitoring prints. All these IP cams are optimized for wide-angle, low-light, long-distance surveillance, which is the opposite of what we usually want: close-range, bright light, minimal distortion. I like Foscam, their products are pretty reliable and their software is decent. I think this will be my next one:


It is nice to be able to turn IR sensing on and off; one of my cams has that feature. When your printer is running, it’s giving off a lot of IR so the exposure and color will be better with IR sensing off. Focus adjustment is difficult with almost all IP cams - a tiny ring that you can’t adjust without blocking the lens so you can’t see your adjustments.

Of course, you could always get one of the small cameras and add your own pan/tilt mechanism :slight_smile: