Zortrax at Formnext 2017!

Ladies and gentlemen!

Join us at Formnext 2017 which takes place on November, 14-17th.

You will find us at booth D-88, HALLE 3.1 in Tor Nord, Frankfurt, Germany. We will be more than happy to network with you guys, talk about our products, your point of view on them and converse about 3D printing in general. :)

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See you there! ;)

What happened to Marcin? 

What happened to Marcin? 

Marcin is here, why? ;) 

Marcin is here, why? ;)

I like Marcin, he's a good guy

Well, a quite boring booth at an overall very interesting fair. As usual the booth was big, but to me it did not show any statement except 'we are Zortrax'.

Architectural  prints from the year(s) before, a few printers that showed just nothing (thanks to the shaded covers that are even darker at the Inventure and had not been replaced by clear ones for the show).

The competition showed many products for color printing, SLA, DLP and SLS, metal printing was a big theme at the show also (of course mostly higher priced gear).


Thanks for the feedback.

Surely we will take your suggestions into consideration.