zortrax enclosure availability

I saw a blog post that Zortrax is selling enclosures now, but it seems like its not available for purchase from Canada. will it be available here?

I can cut them for you with my laser, I sale them on ebay for 25.00 I am out of Acrylic at the time so my listing is down but it will be in a week or so

I can ship to Canada

awesome count me in! I'd like it so I don't have to cut holes on my Zortrax. Will you be able to make it so I can just clip it on my printer?

I can vouch for Gadgetstogo enclosure panels. I have been using them since Ive had my m200 which is a while and they are great.


I’ve bought enclosures for my M200’s as well from GadgetsToGo and love 'em.

I bought Gadgetstogo's enclosure and its amazing and a really great deal too! I highly recommend it.

just tried to look it up on ebay and the offer is gone...

I'm pretty sure they'll be back, one way or another.

I just bought one on Saturday - sorry if I got the last one in stock!


Hello everyone thank you for all the kind words about my door kits it make me fill good that you like them , I have 3 sets ready to ship and I can make more.

I just received mine, looks pretty good!

I received mine right around the January 1st and as every one else has said they are very well done and well worth the money.