Zortrax Endureal - industrial 3D printer for high-tech manufacturing

Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

We’ve just announced the newest Zortrax 3D printer - Zortrax Endureal.

It’s a new high-tech manufacturing 3D printer, which comes with advanced thermal management and industrial-grade safety systems.

See some of the most important features:

  • High-temperature extruder that supports processing CFR filaments, PEEK or other demanding polymers
  • Heated printing chamber and heated build platform, both capable of achieving temperatures adequate for high-performance polymers
  • Advanced dual-extrusion system capable of printing high-temperature filaments with soluble support structures
  • 17 built-in sensors working in real-time to guarantee seamless operation
  • Heated filaments’ compartment for optimal temperature and humidity

You can read more about Zortrax Endureal HERE :arrow_left::arrow_left::arrow_left: