Zortrax Error #7.5: changing endstop didn´t solve problem

Shortly after replacing the Extruder-Plate and working again with our M300 Dual, this happened:

After starting up our M300 Dual for another job, shortly after getting to homescreen, it showed Error #7.5.
As we have another M300 Plus, i replaced the endstop from this one and tried again.
Now after starting up, the z-axis motor is trying to move down the platforme continuosly, while already sitting on the bottom.
As now, i´m sure, that it´s not the endstop, what s next to do? Error doesn´t seem to be the one, on screen!

Thanks in advance!

Hello Daniel,

did you change the lower Z endstop together with the cable? Could you provide a video of the problem? There might be a problem with the Z motor or motherboard. You can send the video via support form so we can consult the case with our technicians if necessary.

Best regards

Hello Karolina

I only changed the Z endstop.
As trying out the starting procedure for sevral times, there are 3 possible options

  1. No error Message until starting a print, then Error #7.5 appear
  2. Showing Error 7.5 after starting up without trying to lower the Platform
  3. Showing Error 7.5 after starting up and trying to lower the Platform, but it´s already on the bottom.

I will also send you the Videos via support form.

Thank you for the first diagnose!