Zortrax Fan specs - M200 BOM Please

Hi Team,

I have a number of Zortrax M200, yes I know they are arriving to the 6 year mark, however, one thing also arriving is the need for new / replacement parts.

Fans, these are noise things, and I now need to replace them… most of them… they have done the job, however, I cannot think now as the noise of my printers in the workshop are really deafening.

Simply put: I need the specs of the FANs all of them, scouring the forum, many response to this, noctura etc… but nothing from Zortrax to help, surlz this is not a question of IP (Intelectual Property)

I am not in the position to buy newer printers, even though I would love the M300 Plus as the M200 Plus is smaller then the M200… so I need to keep my printers a little while longer.

Come one someone, if not Zortrax… I cannot stop my printers to open them up and see the part to order, then order, then re-take them to pieces, to fit for a quieter life. Is it sooooo difficult to find the parts needed !

Anyone ???

Desperate Zortrax M200 user

I’m pretty sure that the 40 mm fans are Noctua NF-A4x10 FLX. The fan in the base can also be replaced by a Noctua fan but I don’t have a model number for that. Searching the M200 forum on Noctua might turn up info.