Zortrax Inkspire print not adhering to base


Hello Everybody,
Sorry for bringing in the old topic, but I run into the same trouble right now. My autocalibration is not working exactly for the reasons mentioned by other participants of this discussion - the platform of my Inkspire does not come down far enough, the positioning sensor is obstructed, most probably blinded by sputters, which i need to remove.
Before I start the cleanup and eventually by myself attempt tricks suggested on the forum, let me ask a question:

The problem is that once the resin is poured in we do not see well how the platform adheres to the FEP film. In case the distance set between the two elemments is still too big we get “nothing printed”. However, should there be a standardized transparent plastic template sheet provided with the printer, upon lowering the platform we could judge the gap situation by ourselves. Moreover, like now I am wrestling with an ultrasensitive ELEGOO resin, use of a template in place of a resin film during calibration would require no additional exercises on my part with blinding my den to prevent resin solidification caused by daylight in my workshop.
So why-oh-why use of a template is not recommended by the Zortrax? At one time I used a sheet of a cooking aluminum foil the check this gap (it deflected nicely under pressure), but now I see there could be a problem with scratches and what not.
Would appreciate any advice.