Zortrax Inkspire Stopped Printing at Same Time

Hi all - we have a Zortrax Inkspire printer. I am printing a couple cylinders, and the print has failed multiple times, where a few millimeters of each cylinder remain on the build plate, and a few millimeters are stuck on the FEP film. In some cases, raised material has formed between them, but not to the desired height. Today I was printing, and the print was supposed to be 5.5 hours. At 4:49 remaining, the time would start going down for a minute and then go back up to 4:49. I waited for 3 hours and the time never went further. It would not respond to “pause” so I had to turn the power off at the back of the machine, clean the print, and start over. Any ideas on if this is an adhesion or a firmware/printer issue??

Hello Bridget,

are Z-SUITE and firmware up-to-date (2.31.0 and 2.5.9)? Do you print via USB or send the files through the Internet (inCloud/Z-SUITE)? However, since the device did not respond to the command.

As for the adhesion issue - please inspect the FEP film (it may be deformed). Also, what resins you print with? Does the same problem occur with all of them? Do you have any pictures of failed prints?

Best regards,