Zortrax Inventure (and M300 Dual) replacement lower extruder fan

Hi everyone can anyone help me locate a replacement lower extruder fan 30x30x10 24V code on side is HG3010H24B Fan Cooler for Zortrax Inventure

There’s no stock on Zortrax website and hasn’t been for months and I thought I had found some stock in several EU countries but one supplier sent me the wrong size parts so another week wasted. Very frustrating as we need the printer for our development parts. Thanks, N

Hi Neil,

I am sorry to hear you are having difficulties with getting a replacement fan cooler for the Inventure.

Please, contact our Sales Department via sales[at]zortrax.com - our colleagues will help you to trace the missing part by checking our resellers’ stocks.

Best regards,

Hello Karolina - I have contacted your sales dept multiple times. There appears to be no stock anywhere. This printer is the only one we have that does flexible material and so it has really impacted our NPD process for the sake of a $10 fan! This is insane. How can you not identify and secure replacement stock? I’ve ordered several parts that are listed as the right fan and they’ve all arrived and have had differences eg 2 wires or they’ve been 12v instead of 24v. This has wasted months and months. The only conclusion I have made is that I need to buy a different printer and this is a shame because I love your printers and we have 3 and when they work they are really good. Please, can you help? Thanks, Neil

PS since you are still selling the M300 dual you must have a stock of radial fans? I have literally searched globally and I run a manufacturing company so I’m sure you’ve had global supply problems no doubt as a result of Covid and China (as we have) but you also have customers such as us to assist with pretty expensive machines?

Thanks, Neil

Hello all, need help for same error #141. I just replaced the lower extruder fan with a new one for M300 dual. The same problem occurs after half an hour. Can someone help me?
Thanks, Adrian

Hello Adrian,

as you have already replaced the fan cooler - either the extruder PCB or cable can be responsible for the issue you are facing. As a last resort - the motherboard could be at fault, but we definitely should not suspect this at the moment (unless you can see any damaged path/component on the board).

Best regards,