Zortrax M200 BUG/ERROR auto calibration (loud noise)


Deutsche Beschreibung:

Das Gerät zeigt sporadische Fehler bei der auto Kalibrierung.

Es ist zunächst ein sehr lautes Geräusch zu hören, bevor sich die Druckplatte in Bewegung setzt. Danach fährt der Zortrax nicht auf die richtige Höhe sondern fährt zu weit nach oben und drückt gegen den Nozzle. Das passierte jetzt direkt dreimail hintereinander so das ich ein Video davon machen konnte.

Nach mehrmaligen ein und ausschalten und erneuter Kalibrierung läuft auf einmal alles wieder wie gewohnt. Auch der Druck konnte ohne Probleme gestartet werden.

Handelt es sich hierbei vielleicht um einen BUG in der Firmware? Oder ist es ein Defekt am Gerät?

Das Gerät ist erst Dez 2014 gekauft worden.

Schreibt mir gern Kommentrare dazu.


English description:

The machine has sporadically errors at the auto calibration.

At first on starting calibration there is a loud noise before the printbed moves. Then the Zortrax moves to high and pushed toward the nozzle. That was now three time in the row so i have the opportunity to make this movie.

After turn off and on serveral times and start again auto calibration, the machine works without problems. Is this finished, the print works too and all is fine.

Is this a bug in the firmware? Or is my Zortrax broken?

I have bought it on Dec 2014.

Im looking forward to reading your comments


You should check:

  • the small connector on the build plate

  • open the top housing on the extruder and check if the signal cable are connected



The printer i bought last december when cleaning the hotend i noticed that there was NO signal cabel but he works perfect.

The other printer i bought last augustus has a signalcable

Is this something to worry about ??

The loud noise is very unusual. It may be the z- axis stepper skipping for some reason. Check if the ball screw moves freely by hand every time (with the printer off). Maybe there is dirt in the ball guides in the nut and it gets stuck sporadically. This would cause the stepper to skip and make noise. I would also check if all cables and connectors to the z-stepper are OK.  

Hi together, the small connector is connected on the plate.

What does the signal cable do? What is the result if the signal cable is disconnected? (I think that is not the problem, thats the reason i ask before i open it.)

First i have the idea that the material was tight-fitting. The material pipe is not really good. And the material is always on pressure. I have seen today the first time that the feeder snaps back. After slackening the problem was away. But that was not the problem with that noise.

I guess there is something wrong with the X-axis motor or anything else with the X-axis. Because if i let the Zortrax calibrate with that noise the X-axis doesn't move. The head starts on front left, but only the Z-axis works and do leveling. After finishing the first 3 times, the noise comes back, but the head don't move, and after that the Z-axis go on. The display text goes to the next step after that. That noise can't be good for the motors. I hope there is no any further damage. But i dont see anything between the belt or rack-weel what can be the problem. But you are right. I try to move the head after turning off Zortrax and i think it feels hard-steering at the first moment. After that i think the movement is normal.

Any suggestion? One option could be the parking position of the head after printing. Because that was the last head position after printing. If i move the head manually in this position, i feel no difference.

the signal cable is connecting the heater block and nozzle to the electronics... when the nozzle touches the contact surface on the platform the electronic registers it through this cable. If it is not hooked up the electronic doesn't know that the nozzle touched the plate.

in regards to the noise...you're right...it could be the X-axis stepper, too, if there is something binding. You might be able to fix the binding by squaring up the system. you have to loosen the pulleys so that the tension is relieved. If you want we can skype and I show you how to do that. I spreche uebrigens auch Deutsch.

Schick mir deine Skype Adresse per PM. 

The sound in your video is very similar to what my newest M200 did on arrival when I the Z-axis tried to move. The problem turned out to be a bad crimp connector on the Z motor.


Best would be to check the connectors on all steppers

Good morning everybody!

The connectors at front x-asis who i can reach looks good. The different side is under the cover at bottom. To check this i have to open it. Andre, thank you in advanced for the great idea with skype. Today i have no time for this action, but i would come back to this solution.

My nexi idea: i have guarantee yet. The secound solution is replacement or repair by the shop assistent. What would you think about that? I dont know what pass with the guarantee if i open the case to check some connectors.

I have a new video. There you see, how i try to move the head after reaching the parking position. The Zortrax standstill over night. To move the head away of the position at front-left after standstill some minutes or hours is in my opinion to strong, it looks like that the head is freezing after standing in this position. So i have the idea that the motors are to weak to move that and then the noise get started. It could be the sound of a over turn funnktion of the motor. If this exist. I dont know it can be normal. I have no other Zortrax to check. Can anyone check this?


Now i have grease the rod a bit more and have wipe away some rallied grease at the ends of the rod, but it looks like there was no improvement.

And with the buildplate: Is there the possibility if the nozzle is to dirty that the switch is isolated?

Thank you in advanced! Im looking forward to hearing from you all soon.

http://support.zortrax.com/hc/en-us submit a request there, Christmas holidays are over now then possibly tomorrow Zortrax technician will help you, so far as I saw from Zortrax staff posts every printer is tested around 12 hours before shipping and spool holder together with white small head is actually printed on your machine then I bet this is shipping problem maybe due of vibrations some connector is disconnected at motherboard side.

Ok Thank you i open a ticket.