Zortrax M200 clone


When something looks like Zortrax M200 but it's not Zortrax M200.  :wacko:




"Dieser Artikel wird voraussichtlich ab dem Freitag, 01. April 2016 wieder vorrätig sein."

Available from April 1st, maybe an April Fools' joke.

If not, it could became Zs nightmare.


From my POV it is a Zortrax M200.

The only difference I can see here is the build plate (BuildTak) and the software simplify3D.

Even the extruder is the same. Unbelievable !

(But the zortrax is also build in China I believe, so maybe the fabricator did get a better offer from Wanhao)

And for this price ! Is this all legal ? Can they do this - Probably yes, because there are some visible adjustments.

For us it's good news I believe. the M200 must be a very good printer


I've seen this model discussed over at /r/3dprinting, not a prank to my knowledge. That manufacturer already has some popular printers on the market. Price is a bit too high for my tastes.

Regarding clones, isn't the M200 kind of an Ultimaker clone?  :ph34r:


Such original design. I've already seen few M200 clones (most are from China) but visual similarity wont make it M200. 


Even if the mechanical were exactly the same with the exact same quality (which it almost certainty wont be), it wont have the software and material integration that Zortrax has...which is largely what makes the Zortrax work great. Zortrax already did the time consuming tweaking and test printing in Poland for you.

Wanhao will likely be functionally closer to an Ultimaker - can get great prints, but you'll probably have to put some time into it.


Wanhao are disgusting rubbish. Pure unadulterated crap.

I have a long and varied background in technical fabrication on oil rigs, etc. I bought the big 5S fully knowing I'd need to work on it, but what I found was beyond belief.

You can polish a turd, but you've still got a piece of #$&*.

I'll stick with the M200's.

They're the only unit that has continually served my business requirements.