Zortrax M200 duplicated


What do you think about this printer, it looks like furiously to the  M200 (same frame, extruder, X/Y/Z axis… and with some minor differences on the bed and the front panel, the software is open source with CURA)

The Zortrax Team should take a look because it’s probably a copy … and the price is divided by 3

Maker Ultimate 3D Printer - MK11 DirectDrive Extruder / 24V Power System from a website monoprice


And you can find also another copy at Wanhao Duplicator 6…


So I’m a little bit confused to see these things, I thought that the M200 was build in Europe/Poland.

Lucky they did not copy perforated printbed :) 

Zortrax was design in Poland but is assebled in China 

Some time ago I was interested in the Duplicator 6, but after all I'll let my fingers away of it.

Indeed, the D6 looks very similar to the M200, but after a closer look I saw that many parts are slightly different, even if they'r looking equally to those parts on the M200.

In the past the D6 was affected by dying electronics because lack of proper cooling / by use of low quality parts (e.g. 230V relay)

Not to forget, the build plate is w/o Z-autocal support.

Example: The big black extruder base block: Very identical shape, but won't fit on the M200.

I can tell this because some months ago I've ordered (+returned) one as spare part from 3dprima.com


The M200's hotend and filament stepper motor can't be mounted on that D6 (MK11) extruder block.

In addition it came with wrong drilled holes (poor factory fault -> wouldn't fit on the D6 either)

However - everybody who's interested in that cheap "clone" should carefully read all feedbacks on amazon and other platforms regarding HW/Firmware issues.

And don't waste time for email inquiries to Wanhao - I never got any reply.

Best of this printer:

It does support open source / is significant less expensive compared to the M200.

Old rule "You get what you paid for". With this duplicator you paid for uncertified electric and electronic parts and cutted corners, lack of R&D, lack of support, responsibility for software support pushed to open source software and probably poor quality prints. The most important part about 3D printers is not how they looking or how they are builded the point is quality and reliability of 3D prints which at my opinion Zortrax is on the top due of software and firmware optimisations.

If someone try to copy Zortrax this is normal and only sign of success. But remember this is copy not clone, with clone you getting 100% same item for cheap price with copy you getting 30% of functionality for 30% price ;)