Zortrax M200 extruder motor malfunction


I have a problem with the Zortax M200 printer.
The printer has a problem with pulling the filament into the heat block.

The engine starts clicking (insufficient power?) and becomes very hot.

I measured the stepper motor windings and they were approximately 32 ohms
Is this resistance correct for the extruder motor or has the motor been worn out/damaged?

Hello Jakub,

does the problem occur before you insert the material, or when it reaches the hotend/nozzle? Do you have any video that illustrates the problem?

Heater&thermocouple and hotend are consumable parts whose approximate lifespan is 350/400 hours. Most of problems with filament loading are caused by a blockage in the extruder or the fact that the material is not hot enough (due to issues with the heater). You can try to load the filament with the hotend removed to check how the extruder motor will behave then. Please run the fan test to check if the upper fan cooler is functional. We are not used to checking resistance on the motor so the measurement might not be adequate. Please also have a look at this troubleshooting manual. Rarely does the extruder motor require replacement, but yes, we still need to take this into account.

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Hello Karolina,

Thank you for your support.

This problem occurs in a printer belonging to the science club-I will check your suggestion after holiday brake.

This printer for sure has more than 400 hours of usage :slight_smile:
However, we have already carried out a lot of maintenance work.

Based on the tests we have already performed, I would rule out a problem with the temperature.
I have checked if the filament (ABS) is melting by applying filament to the heated nozzle and it melted perfectly.
We do not have blockage in the extruder block, we can pass filament via whole block without issues.

Motor checks:
-Loading and unloading, to check if motor behaves ok, we tried to load filament with special function it ends up with clicking, no visible melted filament, visible abrasions on the filament after removing it from the feeder.
-Resistance of cable connector checked no issue, moving the cable do not change the behavior
-Due to clicking issue we have unmounted motor from original position and swapped wiring with left motor responsible for x axis (?). After this swap we turn on the printer and the motor warm up fast up to very high temperature (maintaining the position) we cannot hold it in our hands.

We will try to swap motor from x axis with extruder one to clarify that the issue is indeed motor.
Thank you for the link to extruder motor replacement-few new ideas there.

At the same time I can see on your page that motor is currently out of stock.
Do you plan to restock it? I cannot find it anywhere available.

Best regards,

Hello Jakub,

thank you so much for a detailed response, all information is really helpful :slight_smile:

As for the extruder motor temperature - as far as I remember, it can heat up to 50 Celsius degrees. However, if the X/Y one is also hot to the touch (which you have not noticed until now) - then I am afraid the problem may not be casued by the extruder motor itself, but the extruder PCB, cable or motherboard (as a last resort) could be malfunctioning.

Indeed, we have run out of motors but feel free to contact us sales department directly (we can put the motor on the backorder for you) or ask your local reseller for the part.

Still it is recommended to replace the other consumable parts (hotend, heater&thermocouple) anyway to ensure best possible quality when the printer is up and running again. If you can take a video that illustrates the problem - this will also be helpful.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Best regards