Zortrax M200 Extruder Motor Screw Help


I recently came into possession of a Zortrax M200 printer. I ran into an issue with the extruder, and was looking to remove the motor. However one of these screws seems to have been severely stripped, and I having trouble removing it. A 1/16th allen wrench was able to remove the others, but the insert has been word down where i can not get any traction.

I know this isn’t directly a printer question, but was hoping someone would be able to provide some help regarding this.

Thank you!

Here are some pictures of the screw. It’s obviously been tampered with and the screw stripped, and I have tried using a flathead in tandem with duct tape and a rubberband, but to no avail.

You should make a deeper cut and use a flat screwdriver

This worked! Had to take a dremel and make a perpindicular cut, but that and a flat head got the screw out. Appreciate the help